“The Box: 1990” by Kurt Schake

The effects of the head cold seemed minimal: slightly runny nose, mild congestion. Both could be cured with Afrin, which I used several times before the mission brief. The flight lead that evening was Rhory “Hoser” Draeger, the squadron weapons office. He was thorough and demanding, with a heavy sense of purpose and a light … Read more

“SIE: Self-Initiated Elimination” by Harry Tabata

“And one for teamwork!,” bellowed SSgt* Perez (cadre member)**. “Hoo-yah***, sergeant!,” they yelled. A line of young airmen, all of them in the front leaning rest, completed one more push-up. They were wearing brown shirts and tiny black shorts, sweating in the hot Texas sun. “And one for the fallen!” “Hoo-yah!” Suddenly, I woke up, … Read more